Lameness Diagnostics


DIAGNOSTICSThe Lameness LocatorĀ® is a system that enables a veterinarian to objectively identify lameness in a horse. The system provides an analysis that indicates whether the horse is lame, an amplitude of the severity of the lameness, the limb or limbs involved, and the part of the motion cycle at which peak pain is occurring (impact, mid-stance, or push off). Three wireless sensors, weighing less than 25 grams each, are attached to the horse with specially designed attachment accessories. One is attached to the poll, one to the right front pastern and one to the top of the pelvis. These sensors sample motion at 200 times per second, capturing subtle differences in movement that may be difficult to discern with the naked eye alone. The system objectively detects and quantifies body movement asymmetry in a horse and communicates, via bluetooth, to custom written software on a hand-held tablet PC.


Instrumentation of the horse is quick, easy and completely non-invasive. Data collection is in real time and our veterinarians are free to perform their lameness evaluation routine without distraction. Results are provided immediately following evaluation, indicating the presence or absence of lameness, severity of the lameness, the limbs involved and the type of lameness.


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