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7107 West Hwy 326

Ocala FL 34482     

(352) 873-7830

Equine Medical Center of Ocala offers a premier equine hospital facility and the best team of boarded internists and boarded surgeons in the Southeast United States. EMCO can handle all of your horse healthcare needs and provide you with the best service in the industry. We provide direct service as well as referral service, and we pride ourselves on our relationship with our referring veterinarians.

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Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday – Closed

Emergency Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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  • Maggie Ward Avatar
    Maggie Ward
    positive review 

    Great staff, service and price.

    Carol Chartier Avatar
    Carol Chartier
    positive review 

    My horse Thunder was sent to the Equine medical center of Ocala for shipping fever/pneumonia. I can’t say enough about... read more

    Bartlettoaks Farm Avatar
    Bartlettoaks Farm
    positive review 

    Phenomenal Center, Dr’s & staff!

  • Katie Ruppel Avatar
    Katie Ruppel
    positive review 

    Dr Corey Miller
    absolute legend
    no one else touching my mares or foals

    James Mathis Avatar
    James Mathis
    positive review 

    I was there for a human foot race and everyone was very helpful.

    Sheryl Rowe Avatar
    Sheryl Rowe
    positive review 

    everyone there is very helpful and didn't make me spend alot of money to fine out what was wrong with... read more

  • Margaux Wheeler Buchanan Avatar
    Margaux Wheeler Buchanan
    positive review 

    I'm a horse vet and sent my own horse here. Best doctors in the field with compassionate care. Had a... read more

    Stephanie Cauffman Avatar
    Stephanie Cauffman
    positive review 

    Thank you to Dr. Welch and all of your wonderful staff for getting Violet healthy and home!

    Hope Streid Avatar
    Hope Streid
    positive review 

    Totally awesome place! Thank you Dr Gohman for your knowledge and your professional staff. Happy for the outstanding thorough examination,... read more

  • Terron Phillips Avatar
    Terron Phillips
    positive review 

    Dr. Tull saved my beautiful girl's life with emergency surgery for a critical colic. Dr. Tull, Dr. Frink & Dr.... read more

    Sylvia Wiley Avatar
    Sylvia Wiley
    positive review 

    I just had a horse have surgery on her stifle. The staff was phenomenal. Friendly, responsive and price... read more

    Cheryl Cross Wrench Honour Avatar
    Cheryl Cross Wrench Honour
    positive review 

    Dr Aric Adams is the best. Back in 2003 or 2004 he saved my mare when she colic. he... read more

  • Beverly Schipp Avatar
    Beverly Schipp
    positive review 

    Dr Adams is great . My Cushings pony has laminitas ,we took her for exrays .Darn nice facility, price was... read more

    Courtney Anderson Avatar
    Courtney Anderson
    positive review 

    Top notch care and an amazing facility. The staff is knowledgeable and will take care of you like family.
    read more

    Kim Benson Avatar
    Kim Benson
    positive review 

    Been a client for several years now. The staff are just Awsome. Kind,caring vets that go the extra mile with... read more

  • Stephanie Stroh Avatar
    Stephanie Stroh
    positive review 

    My first haul in. A great experience.

    Becky Hodge Vizcaino Avatar
    Becky Hodge Vizcaino
    positive review 

    A big Thank you to Dr. Peloso, Dr. Adams and their entire medical and barn staff. Everyone was very friendly... read more

    Tiffany Jensen Avatar
    Tiffany Jensen
    positive review 

    Highly recommend. Professional, caring Drs and staff. Top notch facility. They took excellent care of my heart horse and me,... read more

  • Stefanie Guillaume Equinetherapist Avatar
    Stefanie Guillaume Equinetherapist
    positive review 

    I brought my horse in for a lameness exam with Dr Peloso was just fantastic. What an intelligent and experienced... read more

    Sofia Passariello Avatar
    Sofia Passariello
    positive review 

    I took my Paso Fino mare for a colic, the attention they treated my mare was awesome. The way they... read more

    Giny Bishop Avatar
    Giny Bishop
    positive review 

    Today I had and emergency my 31yr old mare was down in pasture at 6am after 1hr of trying to... read more

  • Richie N Becky Cone Avatar
    Richie N Becky Cone

    Dr.Adams & Staff,
    Thank you for the compassion and care you had for my 2 horses! I left with wonderful results...
    read more

    Kristi Stillwagon Avatar
    Kristi Stillwagon
    positive review 

    Paula has been the most helpful person ever when i have had frozen semen come on for a client. Love... read more

    Sue Hansen Avatar
    Sue Hansen
    positive review 

    I drop off manure for fecals. The technicians are friendly and willing to answer questions. Results are sent to my... read more

  • Kathy McKienzie Avatar
    Kathy McKienzie
    positive review 

    Dr. Adams, Dr. Young and all of the barn staff of The Equine Medical Center of Ocala took great care... read more

    Chelsea McCormick Avatar
    Chelsea McCormick
    positive review 

    My QH mare Delilah has dystocia late Saturday evening. I had a vet come to my house and try everything... read more

    Kimberly Nelson-Dyke Avatar
    Kimberly Nelson-Dyke
    positive review 

    Thank you so much for the excellent professional care . Our beloved boy AM Zippys Zenith is coming home Thursday.

  • Annette Johnson Hodges Avatar
    Annette Johnson Hodges
    positive review 

    Just wanted to share an update on little Pistol. He was brought to EMCO two years ago after we... read more

    Karen George Nichols Avatar
    Karen George Nichols
    positive review 

    Have taken my horses there several times and the care has been exemplary! Love Dr. Adams - he is... read more

    Zoubair Bennani Avatar
    Zoubair Bennani
    positive review 

    Thank you for your services


EMCO offers state-of-the-art specialty care to horse owners throughout the Southeast US. Located in Ocala, Florida, the hospital provides a wide variety of orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries, advanced reproductive technologies, internal medicine diagnostics, state-of-the-art imaging, 24/7 intensive care, and 24/7 emergency services.