In addition to all of the services that are provided at our facility, we also serve a wide variety of farms with diverse veterinary needs. Our veterinarians on staff are specially selected for their passion for horses and their desire to become a partner with each horse owner to optimize their horses’ health.

Please call 352-873-7830 to schedule an appointment.


The Equine Medical Center of Ocala offers round-the-clock emergency service to local horse owners on their own farm. We are always ready to assist the horse owner in an emergency situation, for anything from a laceration that needs to be sutured to evaluation and treatment of a colic.

To reach the “on-call” veterinarian please call 352-873-7830. Please be ready to give a full description of the emergency, the address where the horse is located and a contact phone number.

In the event that your horse has a problem that the on-call veterinarian does not think can be successfully treated at the farm, the veterinarian will ask you to bring your horse into the clinic so it can be managed appropriately, thereby providing the best possible care for your horse’s illness or injury.


We work with each individual horse owner and their specific needs to formulate and institute a preventative health program, including a vaccination and deworming schedule. We work in conjunction with the drug manufacturer Pfizer to offer $5,000 in free insurance to pay for colic surgery, when owner’s horses are maintained on Strongid C, a daily dewormer (see for more information on this program).

If a horse has a medical issue that can be treated on the farm, our veterinarians are fully equipped to provide ambulatory medical services including: running fluids, DMSO treatments and giving IV medications.


A nice complement to our in-clinic reproductive services is the ability to extend many of these services to the farm. All of our reproductive veterinarians carry a portable ultrasound machine with them for procedures from mare reproductive evaluations to routine exams for follicle assessment or pregnancy detection. All reproductive veterinarians also have the essential items to deal with problem mares such as equipment for uterine lavages and antibiotic infusions, cultures and cytologies, and antibiotic therapy. They are also quite experienced at treating and diagnosing problems with the foal that is still nursing from its mare.


Our veterinarians routinely castrate colts and stallions on the farm. Generally, the process takes less than 30 minutes and horses are able to return to moderate exercise after a 24 hour rest period.

Cryptorchids (when a colt or stallion has retained one or both testicles) are castrated surgically at the clinic, laparoscopically if necessary. Please call the clinic at 352-479-0480 to schedule a surgical appointment.


The map below is a rough outline of our ambulatory practice coverage area. If you aren’t sure if you fall within our range, please call our office at (352) 873-7830.

Equine Medical Center of Ocala offers a premier equine hospital facility and the best team of boarded internists and boarded surgeons in the Southeast United States. EMCO can handle all of your horse healthcare needs and provide you with the best service in the industry. We provide direct service as well as referral service, and we pride ourselves on our relationship with our referring veterinarians.